Thursday, June 11, 2015


You too just might be taking a "selfie" if you drove forever and a day to get here, 
and you've always heard about it, and you were finally there...

We had to stop first in front of the "official sign"...

I think Daniel looks good :)

So exciting!

My Dylan boy sure is handsome!

We went to the studio of the sculptor, Lincoln Borglum.  This was the original sculpture, and the one the workers had to use to do the one on the mountain, the kids were disappointed that the one on the mountain isn't completely finished...war happened, life happened, and more important things happened, and George Washington didn't get his buttons and coat tails,

Pretty amazing someone had such a vision...people's determination and dreams astound me!

                    We hiked up the"trail" to see it closer, but it didn't actually let you get that close.
                            (And one side of the trail was closed, "due to construction.)"

                                                           New members of the squad!

Thanks for being such good men, Mr. Presidents.

And the Avenue of Flags

Check that off the bucket list!

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